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  • Double your income!

From the Desk of: Catherine Jewell The Career Passion® Coach  

There’s one massive pitfall that is plaguing your career, and you might not even be aware of it.

And, even if you are, you might not know where to begin to correct it. That pitfall? You’re underpaid and you don’t know it. 

The trouble is, many people want MORE from their career and their lifestyle, but they simply get so caught up in the everyday struggle of commuting, working, personal business and family obligations, that they are left feeling exhausted and , wondering, “Is this really all there is?”  

In short, most American workers have lost their passion—their lust for life—for the company they work for; for the job they do; for their clients; for their coworkers and sometimes, even for their own partners and family members! Instead, they face each day with the dull ache of knowing there should be more, knowing they’re in the wrong job, doing mediocre work—and the soul destroying thought that plagues them… 40 more years of the same!  

Your Work: Love It, or Get Used to A Dull Life with No Heart  

There’s an old saying that if you love your job, you’ll never work another day in your life. 

That’s a little extreme, but fulfilling work can give you a lift that lasts from hour to hour. The day goes by quickly, and you feel satisfied and content at the end of it. You’re in the zone. Let’s face it: You spend more time at work than you do any other part of your life. If you don’t LOVE WHAT YOU DO, then what’s the point?  

Do you relate to any of these statements? (Check the ones that do.)  

  • I’m sick of my job.
  • I hate my micro-managing boss. 
  • I don’t get respect for what I do at work. 
  • I’m tired of everyone else getting promotions, pay raises and bonuses! 
  • I would get out there, but I don’t know what to go after. 
  • I’m stuck and I’ll never pay off my credit cards and student loans at this rate! 
  • My resume sucks. It needs a complete overhaul, but I don’t know where to start 
  • I never hear about the good jobs until they are filled.  

If you checked ANY of these boxes, there’s a good chance that you are under-earning by a factor of $20,000, $30,000 or even $40,000! But the fact that you feel this way means you’re ready for a change and you’re ready to up level! You have the heart and the motivation to make a shift and with the help of Career Passion® you’re READY get the job that really lights you up, unlocks the door to the status and the income you deserve.  

There’s a dirty little secret in the Career Coaching world. 

Despite all the resources available to clients – whether they are delivered through a Job Club, or Outplacement, or expensive One-on-One coaching, it takes the average American 7.2 months to find a job! Yes. 7.2 months. 

How many people have that kind of time? If you are out of work, do you have 7 months worth of savings in the bank, just waiting to be used? If you are miserable in your current job, are you willing and able to hang in there another 7 months until you find your dream job?  

Probably not…  

What you need is a short cut… a way to cut that 7.2 months in half! A program that is crafted to cut that 7 months down to less than half – to just 90 days! A program jam-packed with techniques and templates and secret shortcuts to help you get there faster and stronger than you ever dreamed possible.  

How would you like to find your dream job in as little as 43 or 52 or 17 days? (It can be done and it has been done!) 


Right Job Right Now!  

Everything you need to find the right job for you, in as little as 90 days. 

Right Job Right Now is the only career system that gives you everything you need to find the right job for you, in as little as 90 days. A learning lab that gives you the help you need to identify the RIGHT opportunities, the know-how to SELL yourself into that perfect job, and the tools to finally get the job, the status and the great compensation you deserve, so you can live life on your terms.  

The program includes three kinds of support: 

  • An Online Learning Lab with advanced step-by-step lessons showing you how to take your job seeking to the next level.
  • Weekly 75-Minute Teleclasses where you can practice your new skills before using them in a real interview or prospecting situation AND the chance to get your specific questions answered by the experts 
  • 1-to-1 Support by phone and email

Brandon's Story

Brandon lost his job in Quality Assurance, then searched, unsuccessfully, for 5 months on his own. He was tired of getting laid-off (it happened 3 times). He had a completely negative way of speaking about his career and former employers. 

With coaching, we were able to shift his thinking and his Career Story. We repositioned Brandon from Quality Assurance to Operations –a job that is much more stable, and even a little better paying. We completely reworked his resume, combining short-term jobs under a banner of “Contract Projects.” We worked on his STAR stories, giving him real substance to add to interviews. Within 11 days, he had a new resume and polished LinkedIn Profile. 

We were able to find and win a job not just in Operations, but as a Plant Manager. Income: He went from $67,000 to $84,000, a 25% increase in income. And, he was able to negotiate a signing bonus of $4,000 – enough to cover the debt he acquired during his 7 months of unemployment. Total time: 112 days. 

All the materials are designed to walk you, step-by-step, through your job hunt - from creating your Target Job to Winning the Interview. 

You’ll have access to worksheets, slide decks and recorded lessons, everything you need to inspire you and show you exactly how you find your dream job in 90 days or less. 

The program is designed to let you learn at your own pace, to skip around and to focus in on the lessons that address your most pressing challenges, when you need it most.  

Unlike other online programs, we also provide Group Coaching through weekly teleseminars where we take a deep dive into the material, and answer any tactical questions you have.  

Finally, and most importantly, the Career Passion Coach is available to you by phone and email. You can email me with your questions about specific opportunities. You can email with the questions that keep you up at night: Should I follow-up? How often? What do I say when they ask if they can talk to my employer? What do I say when they ask about salary?  

Sometimes, the best medicine is the personal touch. If you need, you can CALL me with your questions or concerns. I am always available during working hours, Monday through Friday. If you leave a message, I’lll get back to you within 4 hours. You get unlimited access, during your 90-day program, to telephone me for laser coaching, up to 15 minutes. 

That’s my personal commitment. That you get all the knowledge, tools and ADVICE you need to find and WIN your next big job.  

In Right Job Right Now you will learn how to:

Transform the beliefs that are limiting your income: 

  • Hear about jobs BEFORE they go public 
  • Understand the Career Passion® that motivates and drives you 
  • Become the one and only candidate for your dream job 
  • Make yourself irresistible to employers 
  • Connect directly with recruiters and your future boss 
  • Nail the job interview and get the offer 
  • Know how to Ask for the salary, perks and benefits you want – and get them! 
  • Double your confidence, your status and your income!  

 “You came into my life at a very difficult time with a great, great, many changes and challenges. I feel universal wisdom put me in front of you. Hey, a BIG thank you.” 

Most job seekers only understand SOME of the techniques required to get a job in today’s market.

Right Job Right Now fills in the gaps, giving you a complete, step-by-step plan for finding your ideal job in less than 90 days. The course gives you a PLAN, plus dozens of creative techniques you never would have thought of, on your own.  

You see, Right Job Right Now has literally been created by the hundreds of Career Passion® clients who have faced the task you are facing now: finding a better paying job that they love. Their combined experience, their creative ideas, their proven techniques are all there for you in this complete, easy-to-understand, step-by-step learning lab. 

“You showed me that, even with a weak resume and poor training, I am a hugely valuable asset.” 

The Program

  • 8 Do-it-Yourself Learning Labs with an audio lesson, worksheets, slide decks and assignments to walk you through your job-seeking process. 
  • 4 Webinar sessions each month to help you understand and practice your new skills in a safe learning environment. 
  • Unlimited access to the Career Passion® coaches for laser coaching by phone and email. 
  • The Networking to Generate Job Leads eBook, showing you how to turn chance conversations into job leads. 
  • Sample Job Search Plan and a complete tutorial on how to create your own. 
  • New Style Resume™ templates, with step-by-step instruction in how to build a resume that gets great interviews FAST! 
  • 14 Impactful quizzes, eBooks and worksheets to help you get break-through insights to propel your career to the next level. 
  • Weekly Webinars you can attend to get answers to your questions. 
  • A private Facebook Forum where you can get questions answered and share ideas with like-minded professionals. 
  • Lifetime access to a private Learning Lab with all the class materials, recordings and handouts that you can access time and time again. 
  • Bonus: The Career Passion® Job Log, a simple spreadsheet to track of all your job-seeking activities and keep you on track with each and every opportunity. 
  • Bonus: The Career Passion® Test, a 66-question quiz that finally gives you some definitive answers about what drives your career. (Value $60) 
  • Bonus: Overcoming Underearning Test, based on Barbara Stanny’s best-selling book, pin-pointing the ideas, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back from earning what you are worth.  

You Will Benefit From This Program If You:

  • Are ready to take a new look at your talents and consider a different job 
  • Are willing to work on your job search 3-9 hours each week 
  • Don’t mind doing internet research and working to find a target job 
  • Are willing to expand your network and talk to people you don’t know 
  • Want to discover where your career could go, and how to get there 
  • Want more balance in your life, working for a company that appreciates you 
  • Sincerely want to earn $20,000-50,000 more each year and are willing to do what it takes to make it happen 
  • Want to finally catch up on finances earning a salary that’s right for you. 
  • Are willing to take some BOLD steps to find the right job, at the right income for you.  

“I wanted to let you know that (the company) upped their offer to $100k and I accepted late last week. Thanks for giving me the courage to ask for more.”  

What does it cost?  

A better question might be: are you willing to invest in YOU? 

Maybe you have thought about an MBA or an advanced degree to increase your chances of being promoted at work. Cost: $30,000 - $100,000. 

Or, maybe you have signed up for certificate programs such as Project Management Professional (PMP) or Professional in Human Resources (PHR). Maybe you want to up level your technical skills with SQL, CISCO or ITIL. You can just sign up for the test, but most people are successful only if they have a structured review course. Cost: $1,500 - $10,000

Right Job Right Now would cost $4,200 if delivered to you, in person, one-on-one. You have the opportunity to access this invaluable material for $997 – a fraction of the value.  

If you sign on and you’re like most of our clients, you will earn $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or even $50,000 more in your next job! That’s a huge return for your investment of time and effort.  

What is it worth to you to have a job you love that pays you what you are worth?  

Would a Payment Plan Help?

We want to make Right Job Right Now affordable to everyone. 

When you go to the Enrollment Page, you will see one-, two- and three-pay options. 

If you have a discount code from a special offer, put in your code and calculate the right payment plan for YOUR budget. If you work the program, you will soon have a new, higher paycheck to handle the payments easily!  

Have You Ever Lost Money in the Stock Market? 

Most of us have been around long enough to see our 401K or other investments take a dive. In just days, without warning, we can lose thousands of dollars! There is always the chance that if you stay in, that money MIGHT come back.  

When you invest in yourself, it’s a sure thing. The skills you learn in Right Job Right Now for $997 will not only help you get your next, higher paying job. Your new skills will help you 4 years from now, when you’re ready for the next move, and the next. You will absolutely get your money’s worth.  

Jim’s story Jim was a stay-at-home Dad, raising his 5-year-old twin daughters, and working part-time as an online professor, earning $45,000 per year. He wanted a serious upgrade in his profession that would double his income and help him use his PhD. We worked together on his networking strategy. I introduced him to several random employees at a State Agency that looked good to him. Using LinkedIn, he connected with 3 employees inside the Agency. Soon, he was doing an information interview onsite. 

His new “friend” asked him to come out for beers, and he met 3 more employees that night. Soon a job opened up. Not exactly the right job, but he got an interview because his name was familiar. In the middle of the interview he said: “You know, this job isn’t right for me. It’s too administrative and not strategic enough. I know your Agency is about to lose 40% of your staff, as Baby Boomers retire in the next few years. I would like to propose a job as Learning Director.” 

Job description written. Posted. Applied for and won! The salary he interviewed for: $65,000. The new job’s salary: $90,000. Jim was so energized by his new job, he kept the $45,000 online teaching position! His up level: from $45,000 to $135,000, a 300% increase! Total time: 48 days.  

What’s holding you back? 

  • Learn exactly how to pin-point the ideas, talents and activities that fuel your passion. Once identified, know how to put them to work to rapidly accelerate your career growth. 
  • It doesn’t matter how busy you are – the program is designed for professionals with little free time, just like you. Each week, you’ll get new insights during our 75-minute webinar. The simple exercises take you from rotten job to new opportunity, faster than you could ever have imagined. 
  • It’s not overwhelming. It’s a simple, straightforward process for upgrading your thought process about how to find a better job.  
  • It’s unlike the advice you’ve already read. In fact, most people are stunned to hear how direct and simple it can be to win the perfect job.  

Jake’s Story Jake felt stuck doing curriculum design for a great company that was growing fast. He finished a Master’s in Educational Technology, and updated his LinkedIn Profile. His boss asked, “Are you happy here?” Jake was ready. The answer was “Yes, but I want to do more. Instead of designing classroom curriculum, I want to create a new department that will use technology to simplify and streamline our training.” He sold his boss and the CEO on a new position, heading up eLearning for the company. He showed how his position would pay for itself in savings during the first year. His old salary: $45,000. His new: $84,000. Total time: 35 days. 

Ready to Uplevel Your Income, Confidence & Status?

We want to make Right Job Right Now affordable to everyone. 

When you go to the Enrollment Page, you will see one-, two- and three-pay options. 

If you have a discount code from a special offer, put in your code and calculate the right payment plan for YOUR budget. If you work the program, you will soon have a new, higher paycheck to handle the payments easily!  

Ted’s story Ted is a para-legal with more than 25 years experience in a very lucrative kind of law: personal injury. Instead of making big bucks, Ted was isolated, working 50-60 hour weeks for a demanding, unreasonable lawyer in another city. He not only prepared disclosures and support documents, he even wrote legal briefs—all for $20 per hour. 

The work load was demanding, and he had no back-up. So, when a big case was up, he worked non-stop, sometimes topping out at 18 hours a day! We investigated salaries and found that he was well qualified for the job of Paralegal Manager. He even had a career history of teaching and coaching. His old income: $41,000 per year, working 60-hour weeks. His new income: $91,000, salaried, with reasonable work hours. Total time: 120 days.  

Class Outline  

Create Your Success Mindset  

1.How to Change Your Inner Dialogue 2.Wimpy vs. Bold Career Search 3.How to Set Powerful Intentions 4.Why Meditation Helps and How to Do It 5.How NOT to Talk about Money 6.The Career Passion® Test 7.Track Jobs with Your Career Passion® Log 

Network to Generate Leads  

1.Networking vs. Career Conversations™ 2.How to be BOLD in Networking Situations 3.Setting Goals 4.Creating Time for Career Conversations™ 5.How to Ask / What to Talk About 6.Going for the Gold: Job Leads 7.Bold, Bolder, Boldest Conversations 

Develop Your Job Search Plan  

1.The Five-Prong Approach to Job Seeking 2.Key Measures to Keep You On-Track 3.Create a Positioning Statement 4.How to Target the Right Job 5.Create a List of Companies for You 6. Set Your Target Salary  

Resume Makeover  

1.The Purpose of a Resume 2.Focus on Achievements NOT Responsibilities 3.Mimicking the Job Description 4.Packing Your Resume with Achievements 5.The STAR Model 6. How to Turn Skills into Achievements  

LinkedIn + Online Job Seeking  

1.Headline Secrets of the Stars 2.The Perfect Profile 3.Skills & Endorsements 4.Giving & Asking for Recommendations 5.Privacy Settings 6.How to Get Noticed by Recruiters  

Become Irresistible with Your STAR Stories  

1.The Real Purpose Behind Job Interviews 2.How to Respond to Behavioral Questions 3.Rethinking Your Job Performance 4.Categories of STAR stories 5.Discovering Your STAR Stories 6.Tests of a great STAR Story  

Launch Your Job Seeking Campaign  

1.Getting ahead of the Hiring Curve 2.Connecting with Recruiters 3.How to Get Recruiters to Work for YOU 4.Expand Your Network Strategically 5.How to Write LinkedIn Messages to Recruiters & Hiring Managers 6.How to Leave a Compelling Phone Message 7.How to Use LinkedIn Updates and Group Discussions 

Job-Winning Interview Prep 

1.The New-Style Interview 2.What to Expect 3.Handling Tough Questions 4.Prove What You Can Do 5.Bridge to the Future 6.Set the Stage for Follow-up 7.Go for the Close – Win the Job  

“You told me I would be gainfully employed within 90 days of our start date together. You were right! In fact, it took me only 48 days to find my dream job.” 

“You taught me HOW to interview. In my first interview since working with you, I got the job offer!”